Sena Sea

Rich and Sena Wheeler are the married couple responsible for bringing some of the best salmon in the world to their customers. With a family tradition that goes 80 years and nearly two decades of personal experience in long-line and gillnet commercial fishing, the Wheelers know what they’re doing. Sena also has a Masters Degree in Food Science and worked in agricultural research and development before focusing on Sena Sea Seafoods and raising the family. Along with a commitment to stewardship and sustainability, this company checks all the boxes for people who are looking for the best sourced salmon in the world.

Salmon Type Salmon Price/lb Min Salmon Order Shipping Order
Copper River Sockeye Salmon  $ 62.00 2 pounds  $ 25.00
Prince William Sounds Sockeye Salmon  $ 46.00 2 pounds  $ 25.00
Copper River King Salmon  $ 72.00 2 pounds  $ 25.00
Copper River Coho Salmon  $ 32.00 3 pounds  $ 25.00

Company Name: Sena Sea Seafoods

Owners: Rich and Sena Wheeler
Year Founded: N/A, Rich has been a commercial fisherman for over 15 years
PO Box 256
Ardenvoir, WA 98811
Phone: (206) 486-2344
Contact Email:


The fish shipped frozen and packed in dry ice. For freshness and quality, the company uses a 2-day shipping service that fills orders Monday through Wednesday. This ensures a weekday delivery. There is also an expedited shipping option. Otherwise, orders placed after Wednesday will be shipped on the following Monday. Delivery charges are added during checkout. For a 3lb box of salmon shipped to the middle of the country, the delivery cost is $25 for standard shipping and $60 for expedited shipping.

Where They Fish

Copper River

Type of Fish

Copper River Salmon, Alaskan Halibut, Alaskan Black Cod (see more below)

Quality and Sustainability

The Copper River is a long, powerful river that can only be traversed by salmon with large reserves of fat with extra high Omega-3 content. Part of the Bristol Bay area that is known for producing the best salmon in the world, this is some of the most nutritious and delicious-tasting fish you’ll ever have. Their Alaskan halibut and black cod is also not to be missed. By buying from the Wheelers and Sena Sea Seafoods, you’ll have a direct connection to the people who caught and filleted your fish and who have the highest commitment to quality and sustainability.